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Gavin Campbell (thewhitehawk) is an NFT artist, international freelance illustrator, & speaker.

Gavin Campbell is an illustrator and director at He is also an Adobe influencer and a guest tutor for Some of his past & present clients Adobe, The NBA, Microsoft, Sony Music, Vogue, Ryanair, RCA Records, Shell & Persil.

Since 2011 he has been working with global brands in editorials, advertising & branding. He began speaking at Universities, schools and creative conferences in 2014. He often discusses his journey and humble creative beginnings in the inner city being self taught , with no formal creative education, to the joys of travelling around Europe regularly working with many of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world.

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Video Highlights


Adobe Creative Collabs: Adobe Stock Remix Live with Gavin Campbell


How Stock Photography Is Changing - Adobe Stock | Adobe UK


Live from the sofa with Tony & Gavin Campbell | Adobe Live


Event host - Adobe Stock Remix Live | Adobe UK


Event host with Ron Timehin- Adobe Stock Remix Live | Adobe UK


Event host with Lucy Hardcastle- Adobe Stock Remix Live | Adobe UK


Gavin Campbell At The New Adobe Create Now Meet Up | Adobe UK


Backstage with Rufus Deuchler, Tina Touli & Gavin Campbell - Adobe #CreativeMeetUp


Editorial & Web Highlights

Creative Bloq Interview

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Official Blog Interview

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Featured on Homepage & Interview

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Testimonial Highlights

"I was in charge of finding creative talents on Behance for our "New Creative" campaign at Adobe. The idea was to elect the most creative talents in Europe. Gavin's work quickly made it to the top of the list and he's one of the first official Adobe New Creatives. He's also a great speaker, and we invited him to share his passion with other designers at our New Creative event in London."

Michaël Chaize - Adobe 


"I have found Gavin to be incredibly flexible, creative and original with our briefs. Co-ordinating conversations between a host of various brands and artists on our roster, it is important to visually create something attention-grabbing which we can essentially use to tailor the various elements of the potential campaign for each individual project, giving us the ability to put out a single coordinated message. He has definitely helped to cement a few of our projects by visually constructing our vision for brand partnerships".

Helen Olaniyan - Sony Music UK


"As part of our sponsorship of the Gadget Show, we developed a social interactive idea that Gavin was at the heart of. He was quick, efficient with excellent interpersonal skills, interacting brilliantly with the crowds and was a pleasure to work with. We saw all our key social metrics increase due to the excellent quality of the creative output and high standards Gavin employed across the designs and I’m pleased to say that we were shortlisted at the DADI Awards for best interactive campaign".

Caroline James - Microsoft


"Gavin created some fitness illustrations for the June 2014 issue off Top Santé, they were great and full of energy, they had a great marriage of realistic photo like quality along with illustrated effects."

Michael Thomson, Art Director - Bauer Media


"Gavin has done a lot of work for us at RCA creating pitches and presentations. He is a fantastic designer who executes tasteful, slick creations which are impactful and always have the desired effects. He works closely with you listening to your needs and can always deliver to your time frames, no matter how little time you give him! He is a fantastic and professional. Thanks for all your help, and look forward to working with you in the future."

Charlotte Kantor - RCA Records UK

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